Shipping & Return Policy

Shipping Methods

Pallet Shipping

This shipping method, also known as LTL or Freight Shipping is ideal if you order more than 15,000 cups.

Your account representative will suggest the ideal and most economical method of shipping for your situation.

Receiving a pallet

If you don't have a loading dock and/or forklift be prepared to have your staff move the boxes inside, it is not the driver's responsibility.  Although pallet shipping can be a cheaper alternative, please note that it is up to you to break the pallet down and move the cases to where you need them.

UPS Ground

Ground drivers can be helpful in delivering products to designated locations within a shop or store. This can save time and effort for the staff and ensure that products are delivered safely and efficiently.



Detailed tracking available. 

Great option for 15 cases or less.

Shipping Policy

Shipping charges for purchases will be calculated when we quote you and are valid for 14 days. US Cups may use shipping providers, including UPS, FedEx, and LTL carriers.  

If you have a preferred shipping method, please inform your sales rep before confirming the order. 

If any delivery issues occur, the shipping company will contact you directly. Please make sure to provide the proper contact person if they are different from the US Cups account holder.

We will update you with tracking info when the shipment leaves our warehouse.

The delivery date provided by US Cups is an estimation provided to us by the shipping company. The actual delivery date may vary, and shipment transit time is beyond our control.

US Cups is not responsible for losses resulting from shipments, including lost shipments and lost time or revenue due to extended transit times.

Damaged items during transit:

We package our cups to withstand the rigorous journey to your business. However, mishandling does happen from time to time. 

If you receive your product and it has been damaged during shipment, our shippers have provided rules to ensure that we can reimburse you for any damages.

We must follow their standard procedure for goods that are damaged during transit in order to file a damage claim and receive reimbursement for the damaged goods.

Please see the rules below for each shipping method.

 1. Ground Shipping (UPS or FedEx)

If the cases are shipped individually (not on a pallet) using UPS or FedEx, 

  • Take a photo of the shipping label/s
  • Take a photo of the case top and sides
  • Take a photo of the case bottom and opposite sides
  • Take a photo of the damaged product 
  • Email us at within 2 business days of receiving the package/s describing the issue and including all photos.

​2. LTL Freight (Pallet)

If you received a pallet that had been damaged, you MUST 

  • Describe the damage on the receipt that the driver asks you to sign.
  • Take plenty of pictures from multiple angles.
  • Email us at within 2 business days of receiving the pallet/s describing of the issue and any attaching the photos.

We will evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis.  Deciding whether to reprint, replace or offer a discount for damaged goods. Please note that damages during shipping are infrequent occurrences.


​1. Return Policy on generic non custom printed items

US Cups accepts returns of generic non-printed items.   

The customer is responsible for return shipping costs, and a 15% restocking fee is charged.  This practice is standard due to the costs of repackaging and waste of any contaminated or unsealed items.

​2. Return Policy on custom-printed items

US Cups does not accept returns of printed items

Due to the printed packaging being uniquely yours, we can't resell your custom-printed materials.  

If you receive printed material that is faulty or misprinted, please follow these steps to resolve the issue and maintain a positive business relationship:

  • Take images of faulty items.
  • Email  within 2 business days detailing the issue.

We will work with you to replace the out-of-spec materials or offer a discount or refund.